Our Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is very important to us. It is our policy to respect and protect the privacy of users of our websites.
Through this Internet Privacy Statement, we want to assure users of our websites that we do not sell or rent user information to third parties
in any manner or form.

        1. We may provide identifying and account information in special cases as required by law or legal process to protect and defend the rights
and safety of our websites and their users. This includes providing Internet Protocol (IP) address information in our logs gathered for the purpose of prosecuting
attempted fraud or unauthorized use of our web sites.
        2. We communicate with classified account users via email for the purpose of managing their classified account. Contacts can be for confirming or deleting listings,
passing on potential buyers' contact information and notification of new classified options and or services available.

        3. We do not display the seller's email address at any time. Email communications between the buyer and seller are handled by the buyer requesting contact with the
seller through this service. This service then forwards the buyer's supplied contact information directly to the seller's provided email address. We do not retain copies of
communications between the buyer and seller.    

    Any and all information displayed in the item title and description of all listings is at the discretion of the seller providing such information. We can neither
confirm nor validate this information as accurate. All users should use caution to insure the offers are legitimate and follow safe practices for online purchasing.