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Gottlieb and D. Gottlieb & Co. was an arcade game corporation based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded by David Gottlieb in 1927. Gottlieb first produced pinball machines then later expanding into other games including pitch-and-bats, bowling games, and video arcade games (Reactor and Q*bert).

Gottlieb first made mechanical pinballs, then moved to electromechanical machines in 1935. The 1947 development of player-actuated, solenoid-driven "flippers" revolutionized the industry. Players could now shoot the ball up the playfield and score more points. Flippers first appeared on a Gottlieb game called "Humpty Dumpty", designed by Harry Mabs. Gottlieb games became noted for their artwork by Roy Parker.

In the late 1950s the company widely used digital score reels. This change made multiple player games more practical. The score reels then appeared on single-player pinball games known to us as "wedgeheads" because of their distinctive wedge head box shape. In the 1970s the artwork on Gottlieb games was by Gordon Morison. The company also started using the longer 3-inch flippers, now an industry standard.

Gottlieb made a move into solid state pinballs in the late 1970s. The first few of these were remakes of popular electromechanical models like "Joker Poker" and "Charlie's Angels". By this time, multiple player machines were more the standard and wedgeheads were dropped from production. The last Wedge Head was "Asteroid Annie and The Aliens".

Gottlieb was purchased by Columbia Pictures in 1977. In 1983, after the Coca Cola Company had acquired Columbia, Gottlieb's pinball assets were transferred to a new Coca Cola subsidiary, Mylstar Electronics. This move was short-lived. By 1984 the video game industry in the US was in the middle of a shakedown and Coca Cola sought to sell off Mylstar. Gilbert G. Pollock, purchased Mylstar's pinball assets in October 1984 and continued to manufacture pinball machines under a new company name of Premier Technology. As a result of this change many prototype Mylstar arcade games were never put into production. Premier did go on to produce one arcade game the 1989 Exterminator. Premier Technology, which returned to selling pinball machines under the name Gottlieb after the purchase, continued in business until the summer of 1996. Declining demand for pinball machines forced the company out of business.

Today, Gottlieb's pinball machines including those distributed under the Mylstar and Premier names as well as the "Gottlieb" and "D. Gottlieb & Co." trademarks are owned by Gottlieb Development LLC, of New York.

Gottlieb's most popular pinball machine was Baffle Ball 1931, and their final machine was Barb Wire 1996.

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